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What should we pay attention to when cleaning and preserving the ice-wire cushion?
Point:    Add Time:2019-03-23

First, the design of dynamic fashion. Since they all have their own car, what's wrong with adding a beautiful and textured car seat cushion to their car, and the price here is not much. Why not buy it for the sake of enjoyment?

second, There are many colours to choose from. Some people in the interior of the car like to use a more quiet color, while some people like the color that looks high-end atmospheric grade, in short, the linen car seat cushion can meet their requirements.

Third, health preservation function. There are many cushions on the market, but it is very important to know whether the people on the cushion can enjoy the feeling well. It's not easy to sit on it, so the cushion should have health preservation function. Flax car seat cushion is very good for users to consider this point. This kind of linen car seat cushion features precious Chinese herbal medicine filling and computer typing.

four, Humanized design. For example, there is a bag on the back of the seat cushion.

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