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What are the carpet production techniques?
Point:    Add Time:2019-03-25

Hand-woven Carpet Production Technology

Hand-woven carpets are hand-woven on vertical iron-wood beam frames by traditional methods of pile planting or plain weaving, using machetes, rakes, hangers and shuttles as tools.

Its technological process is generally as follows: wool yarn dyeing warping undercutting tracing binding blanket sheet cutting blanket washing drying.

The washing and dyeing of wool are the main processes involved in the application of dyes and chemicals in the production of hand-woven carpets. The wool yarn from raw material to carpet weaving has to undergo a series of treatments. The general process is: washing combing spinning dyeing merging weaving.

The purpose of wool washing is to remove grease and dirt from wool fibers.

Washing wool goes through the process of washing alkaline washing water washing acid washing water washing. After washing wool, clean spinnable wool can be obtained.

Dyeing is to give wool yarn color. Traditional dyeing uses natural plant and animal dyes, such as crocus sativus, rhubarb and rubiaceae. In modern times, synthetic dyes were mostly used for dyeing. Acidic complex dyes and wool reactive dyes are commonly used in wool yarn dyeing. Because the planted wool yarn for carpet is thicker, the root, dyed wool yarn should be twisted and stranded according to the root to make the wool yarn and rolled into balls.

Production Technology of Woven Carpet

Woven carpet is made of warp yarn, weft yarn and velvet yarn in plain weave, twill weave and weft double weave on carpet loom. Its weaving principle is basically the same as that of ordinary looms, but it is equipped with a velvet-forming mechanism. The velvet is woven by the velvet-forming mechanism and fixed on the base cloth. After cutting the velvet, the velvet rug is formed.

The representative woven carpets are Wilton carpet and Axminster carpet in England. Wilton carpet consists of four kinds of yarns: ground warp yarn, liner warp yarn, weft yarn and velvet yarn. Its weaving methods are double-weft and three-weft plucking. Double weft velvet knots down every two weft yarns; three weft velvet knots down every three weft yarns. Wilton carpet loom can use five colors of velvet yarn, and can automatically jacquard. The shape of velvet has both cut and loop.

Production Technology of Tufting Carpet

Tufting carpet uses tufting machine to put tufting needles with velvet yarn into the base cloth, forming tufting rows with uniform spacing, and fixing tufting with adhesive on the back. The base material is jute and the cluster material is polypropylene yarn. The tufting carpet can be divided into four groups according to the characteristics of the structure of the tufting: flat-cut pile, flat-loop pile, High-Low-Loop Pile and cut-loop pile combination. Jacquard tufting carpet can also be woven by jacquard tufting machine.

The production process of tufted carpet is generally as follows:

Dyed tufted velvet tufted velvet inspection and repair glue composite base cloth drying shearing wool cutting finished product

The dyeing performance of polypropylene fibers is very poor. Generally, the dyeing of polypropylene fibers is not carried out, but the coloured polypropylene fibers are obtained directly by masterbatch dyeing spinning.

Production Technology of Needle-punched Carpet

The needle-punched carpet is a carpet formed by repeatedly perpendicularly penetrating the fiber mesh layer with a hook needle moving up and down. The production process is to combine the loose fibers and form a fibre net after carding. According to the thickness of carpet, several layers of nets are overlapped. Pre-needling and flower-shaped needles through channels winding finished products.

Raschel Printed Carpet

Raschel printed carpet is a new carpet variety which appears in recent years. The printed carpet is made of acrylic bulk fiber as blanket velvet material, polyester filament as ground warp material and Raschel knitting machine. Carpets are made by printing, steaming, washing and drying with cationic dyes, then blanching, shearing and compounding with other underlying fabrics. Printed carpets are more varied and more productive than dyed carpets. The application of flame retardant modified acrylic fibers is beneficial to the realization of flame retardant function of carpets.

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