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Experience Sharing: Installation Method of Office Block Carpet
Point:    Add Time:2019-03-25

First of all, we need to prepare laying tools: ruler, artistic knife, tape measure, scissors, angle ruler, cutting pad, ink bucket, hard straight handle shovel knife and hot air gun for repair.

Matters needing attention in installation

(1) Installation of square carpet, we have to choose a starting point, the choice of starting point is not difficult, we need to choose according to the shape of the room, as well as length. Make sure that the width of the ground is between 20 cm and 50 cm when splicing the last square blanket. Therefore, when installing square blankets at the starting point, do not close to the wall and keep a right angle.

Installation of square carpet

(2) According to the shape of the corner, we need to cut the square blankets near the wall and the pillars to make a very tight stitching effect. If the square blanket is laid in the doorframe position and can not be closed, we can buy a special press bar to install it.

(3) The quality of tape to be used for splicing carpets must be good, the laying of tape must be smooth, and the interface between carpets must be tightly bonded with adhesive paper. Then when splicing and laying carpets, it should be noted that the joints of the carpet's surroundings and the corner of the wall's edges should also be glued tightly. Otherwise, the surface may appear to be out of joint or the edge of the carpet will be raised. In addition, the seams between these carpets should be hidden and not exposed, otherwise the carpet laying effect is very difficult to see.

After installation, we need to make some adjustments. If the square blanket is fuzzed, it must be repaired with a hot air gun or cut down with scissors. Be sure to pay attention to the temperature of the hot air gun, don't burn the carpet!

Above is the content of square carpet installation, hope to help you, thank you for checking!

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