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Nylon Category Characteristics of Nylon Carpet Material
Point:    Add Time:2019-03-25

Perhaps people do not have a deep understanding of carpet, because carpet industry is a low-profile industry. Naturally, many consumers do not know more about nylon carpets, such as materials, or even nylon carpets in materials.

Nylon is also commonly known as nylon. Nylon is characterized by its soft texture, delicate, brilliant color, dyeable, abrasion resistance and good elasticity. Its BCF filament is mainly used in the weaving of high-grade carpets, pigmented carpets and nylon printed carpets.

Nylon printed carpet banquet hall carpet

There are many kinds of nylon materials. At present, there are two kinds of nylon suitable for carpet velvet yarn: nylon 6 and nylon 66.

"Nylon 66" material characteristics: compact structure, high melting point (245 C), good lodging resistance and wear resistance, durable appearance, easy to clean. Not easy to dye, once dyed, not easy to fade. Suitable for plain dyed carpets.

"Nylon 6" material characteristics: loose structure, low melting point (215-220 C), easy to wear, poor elasticity, easy to dye, but also easy to fade, suitable for printing carpets.

If you feel that the material properties of nylon carpet are very close to the carpet requirements you need, you may find your favorite carpet by consulting our company (Foshan Underground and Carpet Manufacturer) on-line customer service.

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