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How to judge the quality of carpet
Point:    Add Time:2019-03-25

Wear resistance: The wear resistance of carpet is an important index to measure the durability of carpet. The wear resistance of carpet is related to the length of wool and the material of surface. Chemical fiber carpet is more wear-resistant than wool carpet. The thicker the carpet, the more wear-resistant it is.

Peeling strength: Peeling strength of carpet reflects the composite strength of carpet surface and backing, and also reflects the water resistance of carpet after compounding. Usually, peeling strength of backing is expressed as peeling strength of backing, that is, the maximum force required for 50 m wide carpet sample peeling off the surface and backing to 50 m long by using certain instruments and equipment at a specified speed.

Fur adhesion: refers to the degree to which carpet fuzz adheres to the backing. The adhesive force of chemical fiber tufting carpet is expressed by tufting pull-out force, which requires that the pull-out force of loop blanket be greater than 20N and that of plain blanket tufting be greater than 12N. The tufted polypropylene carpet made in Shanghai of China has a adhesion of 63.7N, which is higher than that of the similar product made in Japan of 51.5N.

Elasticity: refers to the degree of compression deformation of carpet thickness after pressure release, which is the important performance of comfort of carpet feet. The elasticity of carpet refers to the percentage of thickness reduction of carpet after a certain number of collisions. Chemical carpet is less elastic than pure wool carpet, polypropylene carpet and acrylic carpet.

Anti-aging: mainly for chemical fiber carpet. This is because the chemical synthetic fibers will be oxidized under the action of light, air and other factors, and their performance indicators will be significantly reduced. Usually, after a certain period of ultraviolet irradiation, it is evaluated according to the wear resistance, elasticity and color change of the chemical fiber carpet.

Antistatic property: refers to the performance of chemical fiber carpet in charge and discharge. When rubbing with organic macromolecule materials, static electricity will be generated, and the insulation of macromolecule materials makes static electricity not easy to release, which makes chemical fiber carpet easy to dust, difficult to clean, and when serious, pedestrians walking on it have tactile sense. Therefore, in the production of synthetic fibers, an appropriate amount of antistatic agent with conductive capacity is often added.

Flammability: If the burning time is less than 12 minutes and the diameter of the burning area is less than 17. 96 cm, the flame resistance is considered qualified.

Bacteriological Resistance: Carpets, as floor coverings, are easy to be eroded by insects and fungi, causing mildew. Those who can withstand the erosion of eight kinds of common fungi and five kinds of common bacteria, but do not grow fungi and mildew, are considered qualified. The antimicrobial property of chemical fiber carpet is better than that of pure wool carpet.

Carpets that meet carpet quality standards

1. GB8624-2012 "Classification Method for Combustion Performance of Building Materials"

2. GB18583-2001 "Limitation of harmful substances in adhesives for interior decoration materials"

3. GB/T 18044-2000 "Evaluation of Carpet Electrostatic Performance by Simulated Human Walking Test Method"

4. GB18587-2001 "Release Limits of Hazardous Substances from Carpets, Carpet Liners and Carpet Adhesives for Interior Decoration and Decoration Materials"

2. Specific carpet parameter requirements:

1. Flame retardant test grade GB8624-2012 B1c;

2. Light resistance GB/T14252-93 (> 4 grades);

3. The color fastness is grade 4 and the pull-out resistance of tufted fabric is above 20N.

4. Use strip carpet with a width of not less than 3.5 meters.

5. Permanent antistatic, electrostatic suppression test grade U30 < 2.5Kv standard class II;

6. Cashmere height of base blanket is 3.0 mm (+0.5 mm).

7. Environmentally friendly products that guarantee CRI indoor air purity accreditation after completion;

As long as you are skilled in the above carpet quality standards, you can easily choose your favorite carpet with high quality. You are not afraid to be deceived by the salesman, and you have learned a new skill. Is it very happy? To get more carpet knowledge, you can collect our official website, small editors will push high-quality carpet articles every day.

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